Austin, TX

I have followed Houndstooth on Instagram for a while (https://www.instagram.com/houndstoothcoffee/). It’s been high on my coffee bucket list and I tried a pour over of Finca Pachuj from Guatemala that took my breath away! It had good body, super smooth, balanced, and a little bit of dark fruit mixed with a chocolate!

The vibe of this shop was super “Austin” if you know what I mean. I think the slogan is "Keep Austin Weird." Very upbeat and hipster. Cool music. And the baristas were on top of their game during a busy Sunday rush.

We were celebrating my Mom’s birthday in Austin, and a customer in front of us overheard, and sneakily bought our order. such a great vibe and experience. As a perk, the shop we went to is located next to a Taco Deli (best breakfast tacos in town!)

Long winded haha I know. But if you’re in Austin you gotta hit this spot ya'll.